I think that the best architectural designs are all those that have achieved a harmonious combination of several factors, such as having comfortable environments that are optimally adapted for their uses, beautiful forms that provide variables in different spatial perspectives, the correct use of traditional and new materials, luminous contrasts and tonalities, as well as a study of the colors that reinforce these sensations.


When someone goes through the interior of a good architecture or simply observes it from the outside, it should always provide the feeling that this space is unique and make you feel comfortable being in that place.


There are many paths that allow us to achieve an excellent architectural design such as the good use of tools that are found in particular computer programs directly linked to BIM or Algorithms, but it is also very important to observe and study some innovative architectural designs, which can be found in different parts of the world, as well as attention should be paid to the new materials and technology that are currently being used and observe what the new trends are.


Finally, I would like to express my intention to develop through this website a means to help us understand how to make very good designs through a free flow of information, sharing tutorials from different design programs, examples of extreme architecture, latest designs, the architecture of organic forms, and the research of new materials and the latest technologies that are being used.