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  In all the Revit models that I study and analyze through examples and tutorials that appear on my website “”, I have developed and applied a code system, which I call “Standard-RG”, provides an easy interpretation of the origin of each Revit family.

This “Standard-RG” code is based on the use of a prefix in the name of the Revit family that refers directly to the Revit category of that family.

Model Objects

(In-Place Families and Loadable Families)

e.g.: GMa_trianglePlan

Prefix: GMa (Metric Generic Model Adaptive family) Family name: TrianglePlan

e.g.: WA_Generic_200mm

Prefix: WA (Wall family) Family name: Generic_200mm

Annotation Objects

(Symbols, Tags and Legend)

e.g.: GN.s_North Symbol

Prefix: GN.s (Generic Annotations) Family name: North Symbol PDF Document: FAMILY NAME